Monday, 13 July 2015

Milestone Method Update

When I wrote workout programs (and more specifically diet plans) for clients professionally, the quickest way to tell that I had hit the nail on the head was if I got very little feedback. A client simply following a diet, with no major need for adjustments, no complaints that they need some higher calorie days, no grumbles that they feel restricted, are all signs that the plan fits their lifestyle well, and I stand firmly by the adage that 'the I only diet that works, is the one you can stick to'. When I contacted Milestone about help with my meal planning, I almost wanted someone to force me down a more disciplined, rigid pathway, but truth be told- the meal timings that Layne has figured out for me, keep me satisfied and fuelled 24/7, I'm feeling full, strong and vascular, which has actually made it pretty easy to make sensible food choices. Whereas before I would take advantage of my enormous energy requirements and load up on crappy carbs when I was hungry, now I find myself reaching for a piece of fruit and veg with every meal. Das is good. 

Oh, the important bit? I dropped another 2kg last week.

All that being said, I have been playing around with various carb/ protein sources and thought I'd share a few experiences with you before laying out what I'm going into this week...

I went heavy on the cottage cheese last week, it's actually an amazing food, if you get the fat/salt free version you can add sweeteners and you've pretty much got a delicious, very high protein pudding that will keep you full for a while. Unfortunately, too much casein can really mess me up and I got extremely bloated and nasal, felt pretty crappy and sluggish and ultimately, had to drop it out. If you don't suffer from any lactose issues though, I highly recommend you include cottage cheese in your diet.

My lunches last week consisted mainly of white fish fillets, sweet potato chunks, broccoli and carrot, I don't usually go in for traditional 'bodybuilding' meals like this, but to be honest this was really enjoyable and with a bit of seasoning, really palatable. I was home most nights so prepping meals like this was pretty easy, it all went in the microwave bar the sweet potato so knocking a lunch up at 10/11pm wasn't too much of a chore. Would definitely recommend.

Here's what an average day looked like last week for anyone who's interested...

0415- thermos (I use grenade)
0530- Coffee or monster zero
1000- 300g fat free cottage cheese
1300- 200g white fish fillets, sweet potato, broccoli, carrot
1800- Grenade
1900- bagel and sliced turkey
2000(ish, sometimes later)- Peri-workout shake, whey and sugars
PWO- Whey and bananas
DINNER- Varied so I could eat with my girlfriend, a protein source and low GI carbs ie. Smoked salmon and eggs with wholemeal toast and a leafy salad.
BEFORE BED- 300g cottage cheese

It's quite a lot of food, but I have a high daily energy expenditure, so it's all fuel for the furnace. If you've got your own macros figured out you could just play with the portion sizes if you want to do something similar.

A dedication to the oats.

I'm away working for the next two weeks, so meal prep is going to have to go nomad once again. As beautiful as it is, the site I'm on has zero facilities, not even running water. I thought I'd take this opportunity to try switching to oats as my primary carb source, as I know I get on well with them, I've got a 12v kettle for work and stocked up on large 'just add hot water' porridge pots.  I'll be adding fruit and veg at every meal still to get my micronutrients in but to honest, if I'm ever feeling run down in the winter, the first thing I reach for is a big bowl of porridge, powerful stuff. Must be the Celtic blood in these veins.

So moving forward, here's what this week (possibly two) has in store-

0500- thermos
0700- coffee or monster zero
1000- 70g oats, whey, fruit
1300- 70g oats, whey, fruit
Preworkout- 70g oats, fruit
During/ Post workout- Whey and simple carb shake (mixed to about 1litre, will sip throughout workout then finish after).
Dinner- (will vary) Tuna, wholemeal pitta, salad, avocado.
Before bed- 20g casein

Obviously in print, it looks pretty boring but to be honest, I'm going to be so busy it won't bother me. If I was home I would adjust it a touch to include a social lunch or breakfast, but I'm making lemonade out of lemons here being away for a few weeks.

Head over to IG if you've got any questions/ feedback and be sure to hit up Milestone for your own meal plan, couldn't possibly recommend them any more.



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